Sallisaw Band Booster Association

Next booster meeting is on Monday December 5th, at 6 pm.





Meetings: Band Booster meetings are held on the first

Monday of the month at 6 pm in the Sallisaw High School Band Room.

The first Booster meeting of the 2014-2015 school year will be held on August 4th at 6 pm. 

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The Sallisaw Band Boosters Fireworks Stand benefited our students as a great fundraiser and showed a lot of team work from the students. Although we understand that not all students can participate with assisting with this fundraiser we still are exceptionally proud of our Sallisaw Marching Band and Color Guard. 

As Band Booster President and a band parent I would personally like to thank all the parents that assisted and the students. Thank you to Mr. Webb and Casey Weaver for supporting the kids and being the mentors that they needed to lift their hopes and spirits and to remind them that they are a great band! I would like to recognize the following outstanding students who sat out in the heat and rain in order to raise money:

Hanna Wiley,   Kirsten Hamilton,   Dylan Skaggs,  Hannah Hudgens,   Aiyana Oliver,  Blake Karr,  Megan Newberry,  Makayla Teague,  Luke Capehart,  Kade Mendiola,  Creighton Ellis,  Whitley Oliver, Kyler Mendiola, Kayla Martin,  Payton Karr,  Emily Dodd,  Josh Wiley, Cameron Sprinkle,   Nathan Hubler,   Nathan Caffey,  Zane Farmer,  Charisma Phillips,   Nellie Brown,   Zack Hightower,   Drew Bell,    Evan Duty,  Trinton Morris,  Rebecca Gardenhire,  Clayton Routt,   Denise Pack,   Melanie McHenry,  Caleb Wilson,  Andrew Newberry,  Kevin Hubler,  Kassy Baggs ,   Bailey Walden,   Jessi Barnett,   (If I forgot to mention anyone I apologize I went off the sign in sheets)

Each year you put in hard work year round to be an outstanding band and team.  I commend all your hard work, pride in excellence, team work, and your hearts for always going above and beyond.  Stand Tall, Be Proud, Exceed Teamwork, and Show Excellence. 

I hope next year we have more students that will enjoy the fun that we had this year and that it continues to grow so that we can better assist you throughout the year. 



Henrietta Oliver


Booster Officers

President - Henrietta Oliver

Vice President - Chris Capehart

Secretary - Cindy Hubler

Treasurer - Lori Newbury

Reporter - Tammy Williams

Concessions - Wyman and Michelle Dobbs
Robert and Annette Batemon

Contest Meal Coordinator - Vacant

Uniform Coordinator - Vacant