Did your child bring home a schedule indicating that they are interested in band? DON’T PANIC, we are here to help

Rental meeting with palen music on Friday, August 23rd

from 4 :00- 5:30 pm in the middle school band room

The meeting is come and go, you can show up any time between 4 and 6. 

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Webb at gwebb@sallisawps.org


If you decide to rent from Palen, some information: you may rental/purchase, which means you rent the instrument and at the end of the term, it is yours to keep. If you decide to do this, you must pay the first months rent (usually $16-$32 depending on brand) during the rental meeting. 


Here you will find all the information given to the students, as well as any updates. 

The book we will be using next year is Ed Sueta Band Method Book 1. Percussion will get the Sueta mallet book, and also be required to purchase "A Fresh Approach to Snare Drum".  All of these books are available from Palen music during the rental meeting.


Instrument Information (Brands and dates are outdated, please use the website for updated dates. If there is a conflict go with website)

These are the instruments offered during Beginning Band




A note of caution:

Instruments purchased on the Internet are often misrepresented and not worth the money paid!

Please allow a band director to assess instruments before buying.  Students will not need an instrument until the annual Rental Meeting. Again, please don’t allow financial difficulty keep your child from participating in band.  Let us know.  We can help!

Approved Instruments if purchased outside of Palen:

 Flute--Gemeinhardt Model 3 (open hole with plugs)

Clarinet--Buffet B12,  Yamaha YCL-450, or LeBlanc

  • Mouthpiece- 5RV or 5RV Lyre

  • Reeds-Vandoren 2 ½ or Mitchell Lurie 2 ½

Alto Sax --Yamaha YAS23

  • Mouthpiece Selmer C*

  • Reeds Vandoren 2 ½ or Rico Select 3

Trumpet--Bach TR300 or Yamaha YTR-200

  • Mouthpiece-Bach 5C or 3C

French Horn- Instrument is provided by the band - Mouthpiece Holton Farkas 7

Trombone-- King 606, or Yamaha YSL354

  • Mouthpiece Bach 6 ½ AL

Euphonium - -Instrument is provided by the band - Mouthpiece Bach 6 ½ AL

Tuba- Instrument is provided by the band --Mouthpiece Conn Helleberg

Percussion--Once chosen, beginning percussionists will receive a detailed list of required items. You will need a bell kit and practice pad, a snare drum is not needed at all.