Frequently Asked Questions

About Summer Band

Q: What is the schedule for summer band?

A: July 29th – August 9th from 8 am to 4 pm on Monday through Friday. Lunch is from 11:30 – 12:30.

We will start fitting for uniforms on Tuesday, July 30th after rehearsal. We will go in the following order

Tuesday – Seniors

Wednesday – Juniors

Thursday – Sophomores

Friday – Freshmen

If you need marching shoes, be ready to give a size on Monday. 


Q: Are there any other activities going on during summer band?

A: Pictures will be announced during early week.


Q: What should I bring for summer band?

A: Water, sunscreen, healthy snacks, water, lunch if not leaving, water, and always instrument and music! The following are also necessary for learning drill: a Set book and poker chips. Keep in mind it will be hot, especially in the late morning and afternoon. Dress appropriately for outside work. Shorts, short sleeve shirts, and comfortable shoes are required throughout. You are allowed to bring coolers and small ice chests. We do have a HEAT policy on file that deals with any heat related issues that may come up, but be assured that everyone on the band staff is committed to ensuring that students remain safe during these hot days outside.

Q: Is there any way to prepare for summer band, physically?

A: Yes! First, drink lots of water the week leading up to band week. Hydration starts many days before the activity, not during. Water consumed during a strenuous activity can only attempt to replace what was lost (usually unsuccessfully) and will not hydrate. Also, don’t sit around all summer and think you’ll be okay for summer band. It is hot, difficult, and consuming, but is also a blast!


Q: As a parent, I'm worried about heat issues during summer band. What steps are taken to make sure my child stays safe?

A: Sallisaw Band has a HEAT policy in place to deal with heat related issues. This is a program developed for football coaches in dealing with heat related health concerns, and there is AT LEAST one HEAT certified member on staff at all times (it is currently Mr. Webb). Water is NEVER restricted, no student is ever told to "get over it" or "shake it off", and we have a comprehensive plan in place to handle any situation. In the extremely unlikely event a major emergency occurs, we will not hesitate to call a parental contact and if needed, contact emergency services. We take all of our students health seriously, and do an educational lesson at the beginning of summer band with all students to prevent issues from arising.  If you ever have any questions or issues, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Webb at and check out the OSSAA HEAT policy at


Q: What does a normal day's schedule look like for summer camp

A:  We usually start outside in the morning promptly at 8am, and work outside during the morning on marching to take advantage of the cooler weather. We then take lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. Lunch is on your own. You may leave campus during this time if desired. From 12:30 to 4:00 we work inside on music, with outside work as needed to put both parts together. We take frequent breaks for water. During our outside time, we try and break around every 30 minutes for at least 5 minute intervals. See above for HEAT policy. 

Q: Is Summer Band required?

A: Yes, summer band is required to be enrolled into Instrumental Music .